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Jimmy Seidel

After two decades of creating the World’s Finest Sandwiches, “Snarf” aka Jimmy Seidel set out to achieve the same greatness on the grill. In 2013, Snarfburger opened its doors and quickly became the beloved throwback burger shack of Boulder.

Sink your teeth into a Snarfburger, and let the shack take you all the way back to its retro roots of the all-american classic hamburger joint. Each burger is made-to-order using the highest-quality beef and topped with premium ingredients including our fresh-sliced cheeses, crisp veggies, and signature blend giardiniera hot peppers.

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If you’re melting about the burgers, you’ll be sure to ‘flip out’ over the rest of our menu! Try one of our shakes, veggie burgers, all-beef hot dogs, and our true favorite past-time, the bologna sandwich.

Visit Snarfburger in Boulder or Chicago and see how Snarf’s has created the same excellent food and funky vibe as our world famous sandwich shops. Your tastebuds will thank you for the the ‘well done’ burger experience.

Our Locations

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Boulder, CO

2000 Arapahoe Ave.

7 days: 11am-10pm

Chicago, IL

600 W Chicago Ave.

Mon-Fri: 11am to 3pm

Denver, CO

1001 E. 11th Ave.

- Coming Soon -

Denver, CO

2535 Federal Blvd.

- Coming Soon -

Dillon, CO

131 Blue River Parkway

- Coming Soon -

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